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If you are looking for the perfect gift idea DNA Art™ can help! The DNA Art™ product is personal, design savvy, and truly unique.

We make giving DNA Art™ as a gift simple and fun! We send you a special DNA kit in a gift box that contains a swab kit and full instructions on how to claim your DNA Art™.

Weddings & Anniversaries
DNA Art™ is the ultimate unique gift idea for weddings and anniversaries. We can place the DNA design of two people (and up to four!) onto the same canvas. A beautiful statement of unity and togetherness, creating a couple’s DNA Art™ is a wonderful way to commemorate a special occasion for couples who love modern, innovative design.

Birthday Gifts
Birthdays are a celebration of you! Let someone know just how special they are by giving them some DNA Art™ of themselves. Perfect for the scientifically minded expert, the hard-to-buy-for Dad, or the design savvy professional who has everything. As a unique birthday present, DNA Art™ is the perfect way to create a personalised gift that doesn’t require you stealing their pictures off their FaceBook page!

Corporate Gifts
Is it the Boss’s birthday? Corporate gifting has come a long way since the days of plaques and gold watches. These days, modern businesses like to make a memorable impact with their gifting that will long stay in the minds of their employees and clientele. This is where we can help!

DNA Art™ makes for an ideal corporate gift and incentive. If you see your company as modern and innovative then let your gifting reflect this brand ethos!

Executive Gifts
The old-fashioned oil painting has been upgraded! It used to be traditional for the Boss to have a commissioned portrait hanging in his office. DNA Art™ offers a modern update for design savvy CEO’s who prefer the innovative, abstract, and above all, convenient option DNA Art™ over traditional portraiture.

Retirement Gift
Thank your most loyal, long-serving employees by giving them a personal, unique gift that really counts. A DNA Art™ is the ultimate thank-you to valued employees who have made longstanding contributions to a company’s continued growth and prosperity.

Employee Incentives
Are you running a major employee incentive scheme that requires an inspirational, innovative prize? A DNA Art™ is an extraordinary gift idea that is suitable for special achievements, exceptional sales results or exceeding company goals.

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Casual and Dressy Styles of Hush Puppies Shoes for Men

The durable construction of Hush Puppies shoes have made them a popular choice for families for many decades. Through the years, the styles have changed to meet the changing trends of fashion, with many new designs now available in an assortment of categories. Some categories for men include dressy, rugged and casual.

Men’s Casual Shoes

Some of the more popular Hush Puppies shoes for men are the casual styles. These shoes have durable rubber soles and flexible uppers. The slip-on style is designed to move with the foot to provide comfort while staying securely in place. Some styles have a Velcro closure instead of traditional shoe strings, which also makes the fit more comfortable.

Additional Hush Puppies shoes Australia include the moccasin, which is created with a thinner sole with either canvas or soft leather used for the uppers. Casual sandals for men have a leather foot bed with extra cushioning for comfort. The top straps will also be made of leather, which will come in either slip-on or Velcro styles.

Men’s Dress Shoes

Dressy styles of Hush Puppies shoes for men includes the classic oxford style. These shoes come with or without the signature design of decorative tooling on the leather uppers. The oxford has a thin sole with a half inch heel and comes as a lace-up style. A few select styles of oxfords are designed to be weather resistant through the addition of a permanent bond on the leather.

Hush Puppies shoes in the dress category include some slip-on styles. These have thinner soles and a shiny finish on the uppers. A few select styles have higher collars that reach the ankle. There are also a few select two-tone styles with different complimenting colors used to create the front and back sections of the leather uppers at Brand House Direct.

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Locating Dog Beds For Sale

Locating dog beds for sale is generally as simple as going to a nearby pet supplies retailer. The vast majority of pet stores sell good selections of pet beds. Dog beds for sale are generally available in all different sizes, too. A bed that’s suitable for a small Chihuahua, for example, definitely can’t fit a massive St. Bernard. 

Dog beds for sale also appear in many diverse styles. If an owner is diligently searching for a bed that’s suitable for her young female Yorkshire terrier, she might opt for a fun-loving bed that has a girly flair — think lots of pink, floral designs and the like. If an owner is busy looking for a bed that’s appropriate for her active and energetic male Doberman, on the other hand, she might have her eye on something totally different. Although dogs don’t really care what their beds look like, it can be a fun and sweet gesture for owners to select options that are in line with their pets’ behaviors and characteristics. 

People who are looking for discounted dog beds for sale at Doggy Beds generally have ample choices, too. Discount stores that sell broad selections of goods often have designated pet sections, for example. It can usually be pretty easy for shoppers to find dog beds for sale in these areas. Although the choices in products may not be as numerous as they are in specialty pet stores, the prices are often significantly lower.

People who are committed to finding quality dog beds for sale generally can get very lucky. There are many choices in dog beds on the market.